User Experience Designer



Research goals

When, where, and how people of film production manage content

How do teams of film production manage projects

What tools are successful in manage film-related content

How do people collaborate when making a film

User pain point


Video Commentation

Video work with teams efficiently is necessary for users who are in the film industry. Comment in video and ask others’ opinion about it could improve work quality.


Real Time Collaboration

The value of real-time collaboration has been highlighted. Both employees and clients in the film industry are eager for an online tool that could provide great cooperation.


Team Management

Project management is more difficult for teams in the film industry with various types of files. Candidates' showreels could also be a burden for the team.

competitive audit report

I analyze three popular competitors in the industry, explore and assess their products.

A video collaboration platform

what well:

Cloud-based collaboration

Easy to share files with others

Clear commenting to videos

what could do better:

Being able to make favorites


Organise pictures and make presentations

what well:

Can add favorite list

Nice presentation

Easy to login

what could do better:

Being able to organise videos


Optimize the production workflow

what well:

Sharing features

Nice theme color

For iOS and Android

what could do better:

Interaction (like the feature of order etc.)

Design, Test, Iterate

prototype 1: main board

prototype 2: file operation action

prototype 3: video preview

prototype 4: share

prototype 5: mobile

Final Solution

Software As A Service

An intuitive way to present content

Zizor presents all content in the big middle panel to provide users an easy and intuitive way to view them. And the folders‘ path is shown in the left panel. Operation buttons are on the top for easy access. Company users can customize Zizor by uploading branding logo in the top right of the page.

Easy action button to better manage content

Using an easy pop-up box to do operation action. Zizor is user-friendly with no need for high technical skills. It helps users not only better manage content but also better manage team.

Functional in video preview page

Users can give comments at a specific time of the video to communicate with each other. They can reply to comments from others. Draw tool features are designed for commenting on a specific point of the video to provide more freeways for users.

Flexible features and easy to share

Draw tool feature can mark the video by using different colors, shapes to provide great flexibility to comment on the video. Easy to share by links or presentation way to increase collaboration efficiency.

The Mobile Version